Services Offered But Not limited To

Electrical Home & Safety Inspections

Switch Phase will check smoke detectors, check-in Breakers the torque spec. We look to make sure the house is properly grounded verifying that wires are terminated underneath the breakers.

Generator Instillation

We will assist the homeowner in making the decision on what generator would be best for their needs when there is an extended power failure. We will verify if it can be gas or propane.

Electrical Maintenance

This consist of normal wear and tear items like light fixtures, bulbs, lamps, and parking lot pole lighting. We will also maintenance highly used switches and highly used outlets.

New Construction, Old Additions, & Remodeling

Switch Phase will wok with the general contractor or the homeowner to find out what their scope is for the project they are planning. We will evaluate their plans and provide in detail what it will take to get the job complete. We will pull the electrical permits and have it done to code.

Parking Lot Lighting, Retrofits, Landscaping

Commercial properties that have lights consistently burning 10 to 12 hours a night will eventually burn out and cause a liability to employees or to the property. Our technicians will verify and replace lamps ,bulbs, ballast, etc as required.

Interior & Exterior Maintenance , Signage

We will verify all bulbs are working, test lamp sockets or bulb sockets and verifiy ballast is functioning properly to turn on the specific lamps that are required.

Panel Service Upgrades, New Install, Replacement

We will replace old outdated panels that are recalled or not UL listed for insurance purposes. In the instance of a upgrade to a home,(pool, a new edition, Jacuzzi Etc.) we will put a larger panel in to accommodate the new load.

Phone & Data

Our technicians will pull cables as needed for the homeowner or business owner and terminate to the patch panel or to the block in order to give them internet or cable.


Switch Phase will verify ground faults, short circuits, and overloads. Will will confirm why something may not be working or will not work.

Violation & Code Issues

We will handle all violation and code issues which is important for customers trying to sell their home or business in relation with safety inspections and things not up to electrical code. We will go in, make it code compliant, and pull permits as needed to get it to pass inspection.

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